Complete list of Dr. McLean's team's publications on PubMed

Highlighted Publications:

McLean K, Tan L, Bolland DE, Coffman LG, Peterson LF, Talpaz M, Neamati N, Buckanovich RJ:

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Brackmann M, Stasenko M, Uppal S, Erba J, Reynolds RK, McLean K: Comparison of first-line

chemotherapy regimens for ovarian carcinosarcoma: a single institution case series and review of the literature. BMC Cancer 18(1): 172, 2017. PM29426293/PMC5810191

McLean K, Mehta G: Tumor Microenvironment and Models of Ovarian Cancer: The 11th Biennial Rivkin Center Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium. Int J Gynecol Cancer 27(9S Suppl 5): S2-S9, 2017. PM29049091

Andersen CL, Sikora MJ, Boisen MM, Ma T, Christie A, Tseng G, Park YS, Luthra S, Chandran U,

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Stasenko M, Plegue M, Sciallis AP, McLean K: Clinical response to antiestrogen therapy in

platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients and the role of tumor estrogen receptor expression status. International journal of gynecological cancer: official journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society 25(2): 222-8, 2015. PM25500503

McLean K, Gong Y, Choi Y, Deng N, Yang K, Bai S, Cabrera L, Keller E, McCauley L, Cho KR,

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